Updated 4/24/08

Kumihimo is the ancient art of Japanese braid making. Samurai armor required yards of exquisitely dyed and braided hand-made cord to hold it together. After the Samurai period the craft of kumihimo went into decline, but it's returning now. Flat braid, round, twisted, honeycomb, hollow, square--kumihimo is only limited by your imagination. The craft requires only the simplest of equipment and looms can be constructed in a variety of configurations.

Want to weave cords and braids for your flutes and flute bags? Kumihimo is the way to go.

Beginner's Guide to Braiding is a good instruction manual which includes the design for a very simple loom. This book alone will have you turning out beautiful braid and cord in no time at all.

The World of Japanese Kumihimo Braiding delves more into the aesthetic and historical aspects of kumihimo.

Below is the design for a simple loom we've developed. Bobbins are made of 3/8" bolts 3 1/2" long and 1/2" nuts. Wrap the thread on the bolts and then once around the nut. Herrshners is a good source for thread--look at crochet threads.

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